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Accusyte 3D Features

The ACCUSYTE™ 3D Fiducial Marker device consists of an Absorbable Surgical Suture and Needle, with a single marker braided within the suture at the center of the suture length. Accusyte’s markers are minimally invasive in size (O.D. < 2mm, Length 4.0 mm) and are designed for easy insertion and comfort.

  • Fiducial encased in a biodegradable suture
  • Superior visualization with most imaging modalities
  • Minimally invasive 4mm design
  • FDA Approved
  • All the surgeon has to do is pull the sutures straight up in half and since the marker is in the middle it will automatically be set in place.
  • Once sewn in place, the suture biodegrades in 56 to 70 days, leaving only the markers around the tumor site providing a 3-dimensional target that can be viewed by the radiation oncologist under X-ray and CT, without resultant artifact in MRI or ultrasound.

Accusyte™ 3D Fiducial Markers are used to mark the location of a tumor cavity after the tumor has been removed. Secured in place by the suture and subsequent tissue healing process, they provide for 3-D visualization using a wide array of imaging modalities. The markers are also indicated where soft tissue needs to be marked for future medical treatment. The use of the Accusyte™ marker allows for more accurate targeting of radiation delivery resulting in reduced radiation exposure to adjacent healthy tissues and organs.

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